Love Cakes

Eggless and Tasteful.

You know you love Eggless cakes, when you are willing to go to great pains to hunt down the best places that sell them. You talk to friends, you talk to strangers on the tube, you talk to anyone in the hope you can find that magical place that sells cakes that are eggfree and tasteful . You search is finally over, now that you have found us. We sell cakes that are both Eggless and tasteful.
You wish everyone would enjoy eggless cakes at the party as you do. Sometimes you are not sure whether you have to buy separate cakes so you can be sure no one feels like they are compromising.

That was our vision as well when we started out to perfect our eggfree sponges. Everyone should enjoy the cakes because it is both eggless and tasteful. For there should not be a need to compromise, if it is eggless cakes then it need to be tasteful. We are proud to say, we were able to achieve that goal. We have perfected our sponge so that our cakes are both Eggless and Tasteful.
So next time there is a birthday, anniversary or wedding coming up; walk in to the cake king and take home sweet memories…

Below are some of our beautiful eggfree cakes which according to our customers taste ‘aweeeeesooome’. Some say there is magic in our cake artist’s fingers; we will leave that for you to decide.

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